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Everything you need to make your own design lamp: metal, wooden or porcelain lamp holders and ceiling roses. Plates, lamp shades and metal bulb cages. Cable retainers, plugs, sockets, and electrical parts. All certified and high quality.

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  • 9,90 € In Stock
    Porcelain timeless elegance.This rose can be used both on the ceiling and on the walls, giving a vintage and elegant look to any environment. We do prefer it paired with natural and warm toned cotton or linen cables.One of our all-time bestseller products, now available in many new colorful versions.
  • 1,75 € Available
    This switch is ideal to composing in autonomy your lampshade wirings.
  • 19,90 € Available
    Ideal to create suspensions and pendels of great charm. Produced entirely in Italy, with handmade finishes and glazing. Each item is unique, with slight differences due to manual manufacturing process. To be combined, if desired, to the multi-holes rosette available in the same nuances of color.
  • 29,90 € Available
    Kit consists of: 1 ceramic rosette 1 threaded pipe 1 transparent strain relief 1 threaded ceiling hook 1 chrome spherical terminal (to be used if the center hole is not used).
  • 0,50 € Available
    Choose the economy packaging from the menu to have the best price!
  • 3,10 € Available
    White fused UK plug, rewirable type suitable for class I - II appliances.
  • 0,73 € Available
    The E14 smooth lamp holder in white thermoplastic material allows you to connect in a simple and safe way any E14 fitting lightbulb. The white thermoplastic material has a uniform and opaque finish. 100% Made in Italy, certified according to the most severe European regulations (IMQ-ENEC).Choose the economy packaging from the menu to have the best...
  • 24,90 € Available
    Ideal to combine with our Pendel Lampshades or our Snake Lampshades. Artisan quality, 100% Made in Italy. You can also try them with our Classic Brilliance led filament Lamps to obtain a special installation.
  • 3,65 € 2
    Silicone Rose kit composed by a Silicone Rose and a tensioner for ceiling anchoring. Colorful, resistant and inexpensive. This solution is perfect both for home environments and public spaces and it allows you to create a simple design with an impressive result.
  • 3,35 € 2
    Silicone Lampholder composed of a E27 attach lampholder in thermoplastic material certified IMQ ENEC and a silicone cover. Colorful, resistant and inexpensive. This solution is perfect both for home environments and public spaces and it allows you to create a simple design with an impressive result.
  • 4,90 € Available
    The Natural wood lamp holder kit, untreated, 100% Made in Italy is designed for all our 2x0.75 and 3x0,75, round and twisted. Natural wood can be painted or impregnated to fit your creations. The kit includes a thermoplastic lamp holder ENEC-IMQ certified, a cable clamp and the natural wooden cover.
  • 3,00 € Available
    Thanks to this simple accessory in white painted wood, you can regulate easily the height of any suspension lamp. You can also use it to create drawings and give more evidence to the colors of the fabric cable. Compatible with all our fabric covered cables 2x0,75 and 3x0,75. 100% Made in Italy.Choose the economy packaging from the menu to have the...
  • 21,90 € Available
    Colorful, fun, indestructible, washable. The silicone lampshade black is perfect for adding a touch of color to your home. The diffuser creates a glare-free and concentrated light, ideal for the kitchen or the counter of a bar. Match it with our ceiling rose made of silicon and with a matching cable or with a contrasting one to get a hanging lamp from...
  • 22,50 € Available
    To regulate a dimmable LED light you need an especially designed dimmer. In fact, if connecting a LED lamp to a traditional dimmer often results in an irregular performance and flickering light, which raises the risk of burning out your lamp. Our white inline switch dimmer was designed especially for any kind of dimmable light bulb: traditional filament,...
  • 3,50 € Available
    The wall support with a white “V” hook allows your fabric cables to be fixed to the wall or ceiling. It’s perfect for drawing curves or straight vertical or horizontal lines, for hanging cables from below, for suspending garlands, and may be matched with the double entry ceramic lamp holder. Have fun with colours and lines! Fits with cables up to 8mm in...
  • 53,90 € Available
    The geometry of our Diamond bulb cages have reached a new dimension. The Apollo bulb cage lampshade in copper finished metal is perfect to create an elegant and minimal pendant lamp. Its polygons, crafted from manually bending the metal, will frame your decorative bulb nicely. Try it with a G95 long filament Classic Brilliance bulb. Apollo comes equiped...
  • 26,90 € Available
    The Prism cement lampshade isn't just like any other cover for your lamp holder, it's an actual lampshade, that will tie your room together. It will stand out thanks to its sophisticated and very modern design, perfect over a bar counter or in any minimal or industrial style setting. Thanks to the nature of the material, each cement lampshade is unique,...
  • 29,90 € Available
    A design must, the black polish lampshade has been a decorating cornerstone for over 50 years. Harbour combines the typical shape of this kind of lampshade with a series of openings around the internal lamp holder. Not only does this allow for major ventilation inside the lamp, but the light pierces through these wedges, creating a brilliant effect! The...
  • 87,20 € 109,00 € -20% Available
    Reduced price!
    The Cilindro 30 plexiglass lampshade is made in collaboration with the renowned brand Pregia, a landmark in the field of interior design fo both homes and commercial spaces. Because of its very modern and original design, it is possible to use Cilindro 30 as a pendant lampshade. Just match it with a lamp holder and one of our cables and see it become the...
  • 4,50 € Available
    Perfectly matched with our metal canopies. This white metal E26 socket kit, with its linear and elegant shape, will fit perfectly into any setting, be it modern or vintage. Available also in the following tints: black, chrome, copper, brass and pearl black.UL Listed : E190302
  • 83,50 € Out of stock
    The ceramic Cup lampshade from the Materia collection will bring a touch of colour to your home, with its shapes that are reminiscent of the typical Mediterranean atmosphere. Handmade in Italy, the Cup lampshade has an outer Avion colour finish and it is decorated with different striations that vary on each piece: therefore, every lampshade is unique!...
  • 7,50 € Available
    The classic traditional glass jar becomes an original light installation thanks to Creative-Cables' lighting zinc-coated metal kit for glass jar. Equipped with E14 lamp holder in chrome-plated metal with double ferrules and transparent strain relief, this kit is ready to be completed with a bulb and, of course, one of our textile cable models! The kit...
  • 7,00 € Available
    The classic white metal rose kit without a central hole is equipped now with four side holes. It allows you to create pendant lamps while at the same time, creating an intricate through-feed system. Perfect also with 16 mm Creative-Tubes, the kit includes the fixing bracket, caps to hide the side holes if unused and the transparent rubber fairleads to...
  • 1,75 € Available
    This switch is ideal to composing in autonomy your lampshade wirings.
Showing 1 - 24 of 664 items