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Pendant Lamps 

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  • 104,59 € In Stock
    Be fascinated by this double drop hanging lamp, where the alder wood lampshades are the real protagonists. Handcrafted in Italy, these pieces are completely natural and untreated: you can choose to use them with the visible grains, enhancing the uniqueness of each piece, or personalize them with painting, in a color that integrates with the furnishings....
  • 44,10 € In Stock
    Featuring a wooden spot spotlight offering 820 lumens of lighting, this Pendant Lamp is perfect for those looking for a powerful and pinpoint light, ideal for illuminating peninsulas, dining tables, or desks.The spotlight's lampshade, made in Italy from beech wood by master craftsmen, gives the lamp a natural and warm appearance. Its simple and modern...
  • 87,87 € In Stock
    Be captivated by the charm and uniqueness of our double suspension lamp with beech lampshades, handcrafted in Italy, offering concentrated and precise lighting. Equipped with two wooden spotlights, each emitting a powerful 820 lumens of lighting, this elegant lamp is ideal for those looking for focused and intense light, perfect for highlighting...
Showing 97 - 99 of 99 items

Furnishing with light? You can and we know it very well! Creative-Cables multiple pendant lamps are ideal for giving a unique touch to your...

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