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supporta Creative-Cables

As of today, March 25nd until April 3rd our warehouse and assembly facilities will reamin closed to adhere with the safety norms imposed.

However, beauty and creativity doesn't stop. Our architects are at your full disposal to come up with ideas and suggestions for your home via our "Illuminate Me" service. Our designers are hard at work developing the solutions that so as to illuminate the time when we can put this period behind us. Our customer care is also at you disposal, as always (although now in smart working mode!) from Monday to Friday.

The only thing we can't do for the next few weeks is get our products delivered to you as we would like. That is why we propose the following: support our creativity, help us to carry on illuminating you.

Make a purchase in the next two weeks and we will provide you with a 30% discount and at the same time you will be supporting teh activites and future of Creative-Cables.

Thank you on behalf of the whole Creative-Cables team.