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Fear not colours nor light! Match them as much as you like with our table lamps! Copper, Bronze, Titanium, Black, White... We couldn't possibly limit your creativity, after all, we love colours too!

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  • 63,69 € Available
    Posaluce Leather is the leather-covered wooden table lamp featuring a classic design using high-quality materials. Its sophisticated but modern style suits any space.When used as a bedside lamp, it gives a bedroom a special touch. In a study, the lamp works perfectly alongside you, giving character to your desk.Complete with switch, 2-pin plug, 2 metres...
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    With our Classic Brilliance bulbs the vintage style and the atmosphere of the old bulbs meets energy efficiency and long life of the LEDs. The consumption of these new bulbs is one tenth compared to models equivalent to the carbon filament. The duration is up to eight times higher. Bulb globe by 9.5 cm. diameter is ideal to be associated with our...
  • 15,74 € 19,67 € -20% Available
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    The 7W Globe G95 LED light bulb with a copper half sphere combines the energy saving technology of LED with the warm pleasantness of the vintage aesthetic. The light bulb is made out of transparent glass, with its lower end covered in a copper colouring for a unique lighting effect. The light bulb has a luminosity of 730 lumens, equal to that of a...
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    This G95 Globe bulb features a classic shape, warm finish and unique filament. Like all the bulbs in the Croissant Line, it will add the ultimate designer touch to your lamps.A unique feature of this line of bulbs is the patented filament. The spiral filament evokes the typical shape of a croissant in a stylised way. It has been designed to emanate...
  • 24,52 € 30,66 € -20% Available
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    With its old school shape, this frosted globe light bulb is dimmable and has an unconventional finish. The surface of this bulb is smooth and white, just like porcelain. The unique and exciting appearance comes from a double frosted treatment which involves both the outer and the inner surfaces.To admire the beauty of this frosted globe G95 E27 light...