Sea view restaurant lights: Creative-Cables solutions in Egypt

Sea view restaurant lights: Creative-Cables solutions in Egypt
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Kiki's Bar

Imagine yourself sitting at a table in a luxury establishment with a direct view of the Mediterranean. You hear the sound of waves crashing on the beach and the invigorating scent of fresh air. And in the evening, you are carried away by the magical atmosphere of this place, illuminated by a unique Creative-Cables installation. This dream became a reality in the context of two projects. The first, Kiki's Bar, was carried out by Archilight - a professional lighting design studio - and the second was created by interior architect Nedal Badr and 3Brothers - one of Egypt's leading lighting companies - in a very prestigious seaside resort located on the northern coast of Alexandria.

Fairy lights add magic!

They create a soft light for an amazing atmosphere, while providing enough light to see plates or drinks in the best light. These are the outdoor string lights that many restaurants, bath establishments, and clubs choose to transform their exteriors. This is what Kiki's Bar at Hacienda Bay, a luxurious coastal village located on the north coast of Egypt, has done.

The EIVA string lights, the first lighting system with a specific outdoor cable and IP65 protection, illuminate the large terrace overlooking the sea. At the core of each one are the waterproof Eiva-2 double socket, the cylindrical soft touch IP65 silicone ceiling rose, and the shiny black outdoor cables.

The vintage and poetic aspect of the piece is also ensured by the spherical bulbs with double curved loop filament and golden glass, providing a particularly warm light.

No wall: guaranteed sea view

This beachfront restaurant posed a major challenge for the designer. The total absence of walls and ceilings, the lack of lighting on tables that are moved around based on the flow of customers, the direct view of the sea with frequent gusts of wind, were some of the obstacles he had to deal with and successfully overcome with innovative solutions from Creative-Cables.

The requirement? Unique suspensions, capable of providing sufficient brightness to the tables without blocking the view of the sea. They could move with the tables if necessary, ensuring the right amount of light during dinner or drinks. This result was achieved thanks to systems like EIVA, which offer maximum flexibility with an IP65 protection. And despite the challenges, the result was extraordinary.

At the base of the installation, a tension cable mesh was positioned to ensure maximum stability and safety of the structures, even on days when the wind is strongest. Above, EIVA textile cables were installed, which, thanks to the double elastomer rubber coating suitable for operating temperatures from -25°C to +60°C and the fabric covering, ensure safety and aesthetics. At the heart of the project, EIVA-3, the T-junction with IP65 protection rating that can safely withstand rain and storms thanks to the special insulating gel it contains, and EIVA Elegant, the world's first P65 wired socket, designed for outdoor use with an E27 base and a soft touch silicone cover.

The Milleluci light bulbs add a touch of magic. Thanks to the interweaving of threads containing micro-LEDs, they create a soft and gentle light for a warm and enveloping effect.


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