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To easily add a light source to a dark room or to give a space the right emphasis, Table lamps are the most practical solution to integrate a light source into an environment, while maintaining style or adding a touch of originality. Browse through all our desk lamps: you can purchase your favorite one by customizing every detail, for a 100% tailor-made product.

How to choose a table lamp?

Choosing the right table lamp may seem simple, but to select the best option, you need to pay attention to a few things:

  • Size: Avoid lamps that are too small or, especially, too large compared to the table or desk where they will be placed. Proportions matter.
  • Color: Should it perfectly harmonize with the rest of the room or provide a contrast? Finding the right color for a desk lamp is not difficult, but it's not trivial either. It's better to keep it in mind and possibly bring one or more photos of the room where it will be positioned.
  • Brightness: Will it serve as the primary light for tasks or reading, or will it be used only as a bedside lamp? Considering its intended functions will help you choose a product with the right luminous flux.
  • Features: Will it remain fixed on the entryway table or be the centerpiece of the desk? Depending on its intended use, consider whether to choose a lamp with a flexible and adjustable arm that allows you to orient the light in any direction.

Once you have a clear understanding of size, characteristics, and functions, you are free to choose your favorite lamp based on your tastes and the environment.

Modern table lamps: functional and stylish

Modern table lamps add a contemporary and elegant touch to any space. They are characterized by clean lines, high-quality materials, and a minimalist design. On our website, you will find a wide selection of modern lamps in satin metal, wood, or ceramic. They will not only serve as functional lamps but also serve as ideal decorative complements for your downtown apartment.

Rediscover the atmosphere of the past with a vintage lamp

If you are a lover of retro style and want to create a bygone era atmosphere in your home or business, vintage table lamps are the perfect choice. These products are inspired by iconic designs of the past and made with high-quality materials to ensure durability over time. Discover our collection of wooden lamps or ceramic lamps, with colorful fabric or metal lampshades, and create the perfect vintage atmosphere.

Add a touch of refinement with elegant table lamps

Bronze color, polished and inherently classy. Or satin copper, chic and timeless. If you want to give your space that certain je ne sais quoi, elegant table lamps are what you're looking for. With meticulous details and precious materials, these lamps, with or without lampshades, create a sophisticated atmosphere at home or in the office.

Unique table lamps: the design that makes a difference

If you desire unique and impactful lighting, you can find exceptional table lamps on our website. With flexible arms, designer bulbs, or unconventional colors, our lamps stand out for their originality and are perfect for creating a focal point in your room, adding a touch of personality.

The timeless beauty of wood

If you love the natural and warm look of wood, we have dedicated a selection of wooden table lamps to you. These lamps combine the timeless beauty of wood with the functionality of a modern lamp. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes to find the perfect lamp for your space and style.

In every color

Sugar paper blue, lobster color, or mustard yellow? Our desk lamps, just like all our products, are available in numerous colors. For a fully personalized space, in every shade.

Whether you are looking for modern, vintage, elegant, unique, wooden, or colorful table lamps, here you will find a wide selection of options to illuminate your space with style and functionality. Choose the table lamp that best suits your taste and discover how quality lighting can transform the atmosphere of your environment.

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