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If you're looking for a practical solution to illuminate your garden, terrace, entrance or any outdoor area, an exterior wall light could be the perfect choice for you. These wall-mounted lamps, positioned in strategic spots in your outdoor space, are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing excellent performance and long-lasting durability. There are many types of exterior wall lights to choose from, with modern and minimalist designs or more traditional and classic options.

What type of light do exterior wall lights produce?

All wall-mounted lamps and exterior wall lights have one common feature: they are fixed to the walls outside of homes, garages, and structures in general. Their light can be directed (like spotlights) or diffused. Both solutions can be adopted, even alternated as needed, since the ultimate goal is to enhance the architecture of the building, creating functional lighting that makes the outdoor space usable even at night. There are also outdoor wall lights that illuminate a path along the side of the house or run along a wall along a driveway.

What degree of protection should exterior wall lights have?

Choosing a light that will be permanently outdoors, it is important to consider purchasing a product with an appropriate degree of weather protection. To avoid errors, the best choice is to refer to the IP protection rating, a standardized international classification system that specifies the level of defense provided by a device or enclosure against the entry of foreign objects. It consists of two digits: the first indicates the level of protection against solid objects, while the second indicates the level of protection against the entry of liquids. The higher the number, the greater the protection. For example, a device with an IP65 rating is completely protected against dust and splashes of water. A device with an IP44 rating, on the other hand, is protected against solids larger than 1 mm and can withstand splashes of water. Here's a post with the differences between different IP protection ratings.

What type of exterior wall lights should be preferred?

When choosing an exterior wall light, it's important to consider the type of light it emits. Some lights produce warm and welcoming light, ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere on a terrace, under a porch or in a garden. Others produce a brighter and more intense light, which can be useful for illuminating specific areas such as doors, stairs or gates. On our website, you can find different types of wall lights, suitable for every need and style. For example, you can find exterior wall lights with or without lampshades, and lights with fixed extensions or adjustable joints. And each can be combined with all the other outdoor lights available on our website.

Are there also smart exterior wall lights?

Transforming your outdoor space into a smart area is easy with EIVA lighting system for exteriors with an IP65 protection rating. Simply choose one of the lamps designed for outdoor use and add one of the many LED Wi-Fi light bulbs available on our website. It's a convenient and affordable way to achieve guaranteed results.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and elegant solution to illuminate your outdoor space, an exterior wall light can be the ideal choice. With a wide range of designs, materials, styles and functionalities available, there are many options to choose from to meet all different needs.

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