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Rechargeable lamps have become an increasingly popular choice among those seeking a portable lighting solution without the need for a power outlet. These innovative lamps are so flexible that they can be used anywhere, providing beautiful and high-quality light even in the absence of electrical power.

Rechargeable lamps: how do they work exactly?

Creative-Cables rechargeable lamps are powered by an internal battery (not included) that stores energy during the charging phase. These lamps are designed to be connected to a 5-volt power source with a simple USB-C cable, such as a power outlet, a computer, or a charger, which replenishes the internal battery. Once charged, the battery powers the lamp, offering hours of continuous light without needing to be plugged in.

What are the advantages of rechargeable lamps compared to traditional disposable battery lamps?

First of all, rechargeable lamps are more cost-effective in the long run since there is no need to regularly purchase new batteries. For this very reason, they are also more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thanks to their versatility, they are also perfect for outdoor activities such as camping or for outdoor patios of bars and restaurants where access to electricity may be limited.

How long do these lamps last when turned on and how long do they need to be charged?

These factors depend on the model and specifications of the rechargeable battery that one chooses to insert into their lamp. Generally, Cabless rechargeable lamps can provide around 12 hours of continuous light and require approximately 5 hours of charging time. Additionally, they are also extremely convenient as it is not necessary to remove the battery from the base to recharge these lamps.

Are the bulbs of these rechargeable lamps replaceable?

Cabless rechargeable lamps are available in a wide range of designs and colors to suit different environments, and all have interchangeable 5-volt bulbs. This allows them to adapt to the mood of the day, but also allows each LED lamp to have an even longer lifespan.

Creative-Cables rechargeable lamps offer portable and limitless lighting, allowing you to enjoy quality light wherever you go. Thanks to their rechargeable internal battery, these lamps provide a practical and convenient solution to meet all your lighting needs. Choose from a wide selection of designs and features to find the perfect rechargeable lamp for camping, home or contract use. Choose the LED bulb you prefer and enjoy the freedom of a portable table lamp without limits.

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