Teal color and customized lights starring in a Turin apartment

Teal color and customized lights starring in a Turin apartment

Minimalist and industrial style furniture for the project signed by Paola von Arx: Lighting becomes an integral part of the furniture in a contemporary setting, dominated by the trendy ochre color, adding even more character.

Design focal points, the lamps in this home embody the transformation of a 1970s apartment into an icon of contemporary style. In each of these lighting solutions, designed by architect Paola von Arx and featuring Creative Cables products, a choice is reflected that goes beyond functionality: the pursuit of an aesthetic that enhances every corner of the house at any time of the day.


In the living area, an unconventional version of the Filé pendant light reigns supreme. Simple and eloquent, it presents a play of geometries that stands out against the impactful color of the surrounding walls. Its essential shapes make this creation a versatile piece of furniture, capable of fitting effortlessly into a contemporary and minimalist context.

The uniqueness of the atmosphere is perceived in the details, such as in the living room with the teal wall, where a single lamp, with an elegant design and diffused light, creates an intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Its contemporary and refined silhouette blends with the yellow armchair, creating a reading nook that is an invitation to relaxation and contemplation. The protagonist of the composition is Archetto, the wall support designed and patented by Creative Cables.


Above the dining table in the living room, instead, to give light and character there is a pendant light with the Tub-E14, metal lampshades ideal for all spotlight lovers.

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