How to peel a cable?

To peel an electrical fabric cable, you’ll need a roll of adhesive tape, a pair of scissors and, optionally, a pair of electrical pliers.

  1. Put a stripe of adhesive tape at a distance of about two centimeters from the end of the electrical fabric cable you want to peel. In this way, when peeling the cable, its fabric won’t unfold completely.
  2. With the scissors, cut the cable in the proximity of the tape. Be careful to cut only the fabric and plastic layer and not the electric wires underneath. Now, pull the fabric and the plastic layer away. Now the electric wires are exposed.
  3. Finally, to remove the cable cover and expose the electric wires, you can use your electrical pliers to pinch the cover and remove it, if you have them. Otherwise, you can use your scissors. By applying a bit of pressure to the cover, you should now be able to pull and uncover the metal wires.