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SI! Accessories 

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    AttaccaSI! is a Creative-Cables accessory that allows you to secure the SI! lamp holder on any non-ferrous surface. All you'll need is a screw and a dowel to mount it to any surface.Stone wall or drywall partition, hardwood headboard or chipboard library, no matter the surface just secure the washer and you'll be good to go.This washer has a flared...
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    Metal base designed to secure the SI! Lamp to any plain, non-ferrous surface.Thin (3 mm), complete with a protective scratch-resistant pad and a lateral fold to place the lamp diagonally: the perfect combination between lighting and decor.As a decorative piece for libraries, entryways, shelves or desks, this metal base is available in different finishes.
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Creative-Cables offers a selection of accessories designed to make your SI! 5V portable lamp even more unique. Among these are AttaccaSI!, the...

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