Lamps are the stars of every room, shining bright and illuminating everything that surrounds them. So it can be tricky to determine the perfect match for your home whilst making sure illumination is intense without being excessive.

We wanted to share some of our favourite tips when it comes to finding the best solution to your needs, in other words your “perfect lamp”:

-   The lamp’s diameter must be proportional to the room in which it will be installed: for example a living room of around 40mq would be best suited for a lamp with a 60cm diameter, and a 40cm diameter lamp would be better off in a room of 15mq.

-   Don’t underestimate the impact of colours. This may seem obvious to some, but they make all the difference.  For example a room with dark tones would need a brighter, maybe bigger lamp, whilst lighter tones and colours usually call for smaller lamps or less extensions and lightbulbs.

-   Lamps are meant to improve and adorn your spaces, so make sure they don’t obstruct your movements by placing them at least 190cm above the ground and 80cm above dining tables.

-   When it comes to bigger spaces and rooms, your best option in our opinion would be indirect lighting. If you’re set on direct lighting, single suspension lamps or multiple suspension lamps should do the trick!

Whether you’re looking for modern living room lamps, a classic chandelier for the bedroom or a nordic-style lamp to bring together your kitchen’s illumination, on our website you will find a vast selection of products that will suit your every need. A match made in heaven when paired with Creative-Cables LED lightbulbs that, on top of being beautiful to look at, also provide significant energy conservation.

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