Bring light where you want it

Install wall lights and ceiling lights even in places where there is no electrical network and create your own custom lighting system.

A new way of lighting

With the Spostaluce complete lamps, you can create original and functional lighting solutions without having to consider the presence of the electrical network. Thanks to the cable and the side-hole rosettes, you can install each lamp wherever you need it, lighting up all the places you want and how you want!

Configure your lighting system


Choose from over 20 shades of rectangular fabric-covered cables to match your style and buy as many meters as needed to light up your outdoor space.


Select the finish of each of the metal Spostaluce lamps you want to install to reflect the style you are looking for, and connect them to each other with the provided round cable.


Add switches and outlets if you want to create a wall lamp connected to the electrical network via an outlet, and complete your lighting fixtures with Creative-Cables bulbs and lampshades.

And if you don't know how to install it

No problem thanks to "Illuminate me", the free service by Creative-Cables. Together, we will design the solution that best suits your needs and style, online or in store.

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