Journey into the Creative Cables franchise: light, art, and creativity illuminate Treviso with Enrico Corradini

Journey into the Creative Cables franchise: light, art, and creativity illuminate Treviso with Enrico Corradini

A point of reference for enthusiasts and experts in light design from Treviso and the Veneto region in general, the Creative Cables Store at viale Monte Grappa 58 is a place to find lamps and design installations, but also to fall in love with the world of lighting, expertly guided by Enrico Corradini. Owner of the store, but also an author and artist in every sense, here's what he told us about his relationship with our brand.

What struck you about the world of lighting and what makes it special for you?

I have always loved lamps, also out of tradition. I come from Venice, where the island of Murano is bathed in its waters, and I grew up breathing in the art applied to technical and functional materials. If you learn to use the tools and features really well, the design of lighting allows us to achieve almost boundless and very exciting creations.

When did you first encounter Creative Cables and why did you choose us?

I had heard about it during the 2019 Milan Euroluce Fair. I realized it was a further evolution in the world of design and lighting, so I wanted to deepen my knowledge. 

How would you describe our products to someone who doesn't know them?

Creative Cables products solve various space and brightness problems, providing multiple answers to the needs of customers and designers, but above all to their imagination. 

What are Creative Cables' most innovative products?

Certainly the fabric-covered electrical cable, which represented a kind of revolution in the lighting world. I really like the Taché, a very cute and colorful product. But more than in individual items, I would focus on the flexibility and the wide range of combinations that the Creative Cables catalog offers to the customer. One can truly unleash their creativity and, not of less importance in these dark times, have fun building an object that, fundamentally, must be useful first and beautiful second.

What is the product your customers can't do without?

Lamps feel the pulse of fashion, like any object. Cars, clothes, and shoes, to name three fashion cornerstones that seal the style of an era, change according to the years and human paths. There have been years when large bulbs were all the rage, today there is a return to lampshades. Tomorrow? I don't know, and I can't wait to be surprised.

In what situations have our products made a difference in your customers' experience?

When faced with the mismatch between spaces and needs, with Creative Cables products, we have managed to solve the problem by turning the defect into a weapon to enhance creativity with spectacular solutions. It's worth noting that I often repeat the word "solution." Because light is just that: it's the dilution of the problem of darkness, it's the antithesis of darkness.

Creative Cables Store Treviso

Indirizzo: Viale Monte Grappa, 58, 31100 Treviso TV
Telefono: +39 339 614 9462


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