Decorate and illuminate your walls

Filé is a Creative-Cables system designed to create wonderful wall or ceiling lighting solutions! Cables with rectangular section covered in beautiful colors, high-quality wooden components made in Italy: with Filé, you can create a customized and 100% creative lighting!

Why choose Filè


Create a high-impact lighting system in just a few simple steps: with Filé, you can avoid the difficulty and effort of wiring sockets!


Install Filé on your walls and ceilings using electrical cables available in over 20 colors and wooden components made in Italy: create impressive lighting, tailored to your expectations in terms of light and design.

Moisture resistant

With Filé, thanks to the IP44 protection rating of the luminaire, you can also creatively illuminate bathrooms and kitchens!

Complete kits

Would you like to decorate a wall in an original way using light or do you need to illuminate a hallway with multiple light points?

Our complete Wired System kits are the solution you need. They include all the necessary components to create the installation to your liking: just choose the color of the cable that best matches your decor, add the E27 design bulbs you prefer from our assortment, and entrust the installation to expert hands!

DIY solutions

Create your wall and ceiling lighting


Whether you want to create a bright installation from a central point or have a decentralized light point in the room, the Filé range of rosettes will allow you to create linear or creative installations on your walls, even simultaneously, according to your preferences.


The Filé socket does not need to be wired: it is designed to be connected to the cable by "biting" it where you want, allowing you to create wall or pendant lighting points. The wood version is perfect for showcasing your designer E27 bulbs, while the thermoplastic socket with a ring will allow you to add a lampshade to your setup.


Give solidity to the structure of your wall creation with cable guides: install them in the curves and angles so that the cable follows the path you have envisioned, and also install them between one socket and another to allow the cable to extend as you wish.


The wooden finishing profile is the final piece of your creation: use it to secure the end of the rectangular section cable to the wall and add the finishing touch to your Filé system.


From solid to patterned cables, covered in jute, cotton, or silk-effect fabric: choose from over 20 shades of rectangular-section cable the one that best suits your needs and have fun creating always new designs with the Filé system.


All that's left for you to do is complete your creation: choose the lampshade that best expresses your style from over 100 available models and light up your setup with one of over 200 designer light bulbs from our catalog!

And if you don't know how to install it

No problem thanks to "Illuminate me", the free service by Creative-Cables. Together, we will design the solution that best suits your needs and style, online or in store.

Some project ideas

With Filé, you can...

  1. Illuminate the wall behind the sofa. One light point for each seat, plus one for the coffee table.
  2. Illuminate a staircase.
  3. Create a decoration and a play of light on a wall that is too empty.
  4. Find an original alternative to classic bedside lamps.
  5. Wake up and illuminate the interior of the closet.

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