The timeless charm of porcelain combines with the colorful and original world of Creative-Cables. The result? Original and exclusive products that allow you to create outdoor electrical installations with a vintage look and unique details.

Smooth, shiny, and refined. Thanks to its purity and elegance, as well as its technical qualities, porcelain has always been the queen of materials. And it is precisely for these characteristics that we have decided to produce porcelain components to create surface-mounted electrical installations, true furnishing elements with high quality standards. Easily renew your electrical installation without the need for invasive masonry work, adding elegance and a lot of charm to it.

The products of the new Porcelain line from Creative-Cables enhance the use of this material loved since antiquity and reimagined in a contemporary tone. A happy encounter between a refined past and a vibrant, colorful present, with modular products offering excellent insulating properties and mechanical resistance that adapt to all spaces and allow for a customized exposed installation combining retro ambiance and modern technology.

With valve or with butterfly nut?

We have designed switches and dimmers like you've never seen before. We have decided to replace the usual switch with two unique and innovative solutions, in the pure Creative-Cables style.

On one hand, you can illuminate your electrical system with porcelain switches that resemble the shape of water valves, with a vintage charm and a timeless look. On the other hand, you can turn the light on and off using a butterfly nut - also known as a wingnut - which allows you to tighten furniture or electrical installations by hand without using a key. All that's left is for you to choose your preferred model between these two original solutions, available in various colors.

Discover how to set up porcelain veneers implants.

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Compatible with large section cables

Our tradition in manufacturing large-section textile cables, 100% Italian, traced, beautiful and colorful, is combined with porcelain components for surface electrical installations. For an outdoor wall installation with a simple and vibrant aesthetic that follows the latest trends in design and architecture.

Note well:

  • Use only in indoor environments
  • Have it installed by specialized personnel
  • To be used in lighting systems and systems with traditional sockets
  • Use only double-insulated fabric cables (such as Creative-Cables cables)
  • The first wall isolator/fixing must be positioned at a maximum distance of 5 cm from the socket, switch, or junction box. The following ones should be positioned at intervals of 80-100 cm.

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