Creative Cables lights up Belgium: the first franchise in Brussels with Massimo Marchetti is a success

Creative Cables lights up Belgium: the first franchise in Brussels with Massimo Marchetti is a success

The first franchised store opened outside of Italy, the one in Brussels quickly became a point of reference in Belgium's lighting industry. This was not only due to the variety of solutions offered, but also to the ability to understand the needs of the customers by Massimo Marchetti, owner and store manager in Brussels. Here is how he describes his experience and his relationship with Creative Cables.

What makes the world of lighting unique and special to you?

Lighting is really important in a home or in a company and very often it is the most neglected part of a project, for several reasons. The first is that when it comes to a complete renovation, the budget is often exhausted elsewhere and lighting is left aside. The second is that the range is limited because either you opt for ultra-standard lighting or you go to specialized stores, where the price quickly becomes exorbitant. Thirdly, people generally struggle when it comes to choosing the right lighting for the different areas of the house. Yet, lighting is an integral part of well-being at home. It must be both aesthetic and functional. It must provide the right light and have a pleasant appearance even when turned off. It is a rather complex sector that combines interior design and lighting technology, and that's why I found it such a fascinating topic.

When did you first learn about Creative Cables and why did you choose to become part of our world?

I was introduced to Creative Cables in 2018 during a trade fair in Frankfurt. I had already been active in the LED lighting world for several years, more focused on the professional and home automation industry. The concept behind this brand quickly caught my attention, and I decided to introduce it in Belgium. I really liked the modularity concept and the fact that "custom-made" was accessible. I had the opportunity to help people design the lighting they needed, from start to finish. So I opened a store in Brussels a few months later. It was a key moment for Creative Cables, as it was the first store opened outside of Italy, and I was very proud of it.

How would you describe our products to someone who is not familiar with them?

Very easily, in fact. I have a short presentation, rather simple that I often repeat and that often convinces my customers.

"Creative Cables is the LEGO of lighting! Everything is modular, disassembleable, and scalable. We have about 3,000 components, which we can assemble to create tens of thousands of models suitable for your lighting needs, your decor, and your budget. We can advise you, with the help of photos or by coming to your home, to create pendant lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, outdoor string lights, and all this from any electrical connection, whether it's from the wall, ceiling, or a socket. And all this can be easily assembled by you, if you are a DIY enthusiast, or installed by us in your home in record time."

For you, what are the 5 most unique products from Creative Cables?

Choosing 5 obviously means giving up on many others, but I would say:


  • 1. The EIVA system and the possibility of creating a custom outdoor lighting system.
  • 2. The Ghost light bulbs from Bebulbs, which are magnificent light objects that make you forget they are interchangeable light bulbs.

  • 3. The extra flexible silicone cable, which completely transforms the final look of all lamps.
  • 4. The Tube system, which is never used enough and completely transforms raw spaces (attics, cellars, garages, lofts, offices, etc.) giving them a warm and industrial look.
  • 5. I don't conclude with a product, but with a service, namely the configurator that allows you to easily create thousands of lamp models in just a few clicks.

What is the product that your customers can't live without?

The common denominator among the thousands of lighting projects I have carried out is, in fact, the initial essence of Creative Cables, namely the textile cable produced in Italy. We offer a wide range of about 300 textile cables in multiple colors and materials, which are the key element in the majority of the designed chandeliers.

In your customers' experience, in which situations have our products made a difference?

For a client's home, the more complicated the situation, the more the solution I propose with Creative Cables products makes a difference, because we have the art of bypassing problems in an aesthetic way. We transform a technical "problem" into a decorative and illuminating advantage. When it comes to shops and restaurants, creativity and budget are what appeal to customers. It's about making an impression without spending too much.

Creative Cables Store Brussels

📍 Rue de Stalle, 288/a, Uccle, Belgium

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