Filé is the Creative-Cables system designed to create wonderful wall or ceiling lighting solutions! Rectangular section cables covered in magnificent colors, high-quality wooden components Made in Italy: with Filé you can build a customized and 100% Creative lighting solution!

Why choose Filé


Create an impressive lighting installation in just a few steps. Filé lets you forget about the difficulty and effort of wiring up a lamp holder!


Create designs on the walls and ceilings using electrical cables available in more than 20 colors and Made in Italy wooden components. Create effective lighting, tailored to your lighting and design requirements.


The lamp holder features an IP44 protection classification, meaning that you can also light up bathrooms and kitchens creatively using Filé!

Complete kits

Ready-to-install solutions

Do you want to create an original wall decoration using lighting, or do you need to illuminate a corridor with multiple light sources? Our complete Filé System kits are the solution you need. The kits include all of the necessary components to recreate the design of your choice in your spaces. Just choose the colour of the cable that best suits your decor, add the right designer bulbs from those available in our E27 range and entrust the installation to an expert!

DIY solutions


Whether you want to create a light installation starting from a central point or have a decentralized light source in the room, the range of Filé ceiling roses will allow you to create linear or creative designs. The system can be used on the ceilings, walls, or both simultaneously, to create light sources that are tailored to your needs.

Filé lamp holders don't need to be wired up: they are designed to “bite” the cable at any point you wish to install them, allowing you to create wall or pendant light sources. The wooden version is perfect for setting off your E27 designer bulbs while the thermoplastic version with ferrules will enable you to add a lampshade to your installation.

Ensure the stability of your ceiling or wall light creation by using fairleads. Install these at curves and angles, between one lamp holder and another, to allow the cable to stretch out as needed and secure it in the desired shape.

The wooden terminal block is the final component in your creation. Use it to fix the end of the rectangular section cable to the ceiling or wall, giving the Filé system the final touch.

Solid colors or patterns, covered with jute, cotton, or Rayon fabric: choose from more than 20 shades of rectangular section cable that best suits your needs and have fun creating unique designs with the Filé System.

Now, all that's left to do is complete your creation. Choose the lampshade that best represents your style from more than 100 models available and light up your installation with one of the 200+ designer bulbs in our catalog!

Need a design concept?

With Filé you can…

  1. Illuminate the wall backing the sofa. One light source for each seat, and one for the side table
  2. Flood a staircase with light
  3. Create an intricate light play on an empty wall
  4. Find a unique alternative to classic table lamps
  5. Modernise your walk-in closet

Do you want to design your exposed lighting system with Filé but don't know where to start?

No problem thanks to "Illuminate me," the free service signed Creative-Cables. We will design together the solution best suited to your needs and most in line with your style, either directly online or at one of our stores.