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Creative-Cables offers a selection of accessories designed to make your SI! 5V portable lamp even more unique. Among these are AttaccaSI!, the metal washer, and the metal base for flat surfaces.

How to attach the SI! portable lamp to the wall?

The metal washer AttaccaSI! is the accessory for the SI! portable lamp specifically designed to attach and secure the SI! lamp holder to any type of support, providing stability and safety. Brick walls, plasterboard walls, or wooden structures, any non-ferrous surface is perfect as a base to be fixed with a screw or a simple plug, and then attaching the 5V lamp to it. Made of high-quality metal, the AttaccaSI! washer has a countersunk hole to be flush with the surface and prevent the screw from protruding. An additional detail to add more design and stability to the lamp.

Is there a base for the SI! portable lamp?

Among the accessories for the SI! portable lamp, there is the metal base for flat surfaces, designed to place the SI! lamp holders on any type of surface, such as tables, desks, or shelves. Just like all the products in the SI! system, this base is made of high-quality metal in multiple colors and offers a clean and elegant design that perfectly fits any environment. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of fixing the lamp holders in a vertical or oblique position, this base ensures great stability and even more personalized style for the portable lamp.

What are the advantages of the SI! portable lamp accessories?

Both of these accessories are easy to use and provide great stability and safety to your lamp. Furthermore, the bases are available in different finishes, allowing you to find the perfect product for your SI! lamp, which you can further customize with a wide selection of 5V bulbs available on our website.

In summary, if you are looking for high-quality accessories for your lamps, the AttaccaSI! washer and the metal base for flat surfaces are the two solutions we have designed to provide even more functionality and customization to your lamp. With their elegant design and high-quality metal construction, these products perfectly complement the SI! lamp.

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