Switch/Diverter in black porcelain with butterfly nut

Knob finish: Black

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Data sheet

Black porcelain 10AX250V wall switch/diverter with butterfly nut

  • Measurements: Ø 66.5 mm, h 69 mm
  • Base colour: black; butterfly nut colour: white, black, red
  • CE Quality Mark
  • Rated voltage: 250 Volt AC
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Rated current: 16 A
  • Connection type: Screw clamp

Wall attachment - Screws and dowels included


  • Limited to indoor use
  • Contact professional help before installing
  • To use in illumination systems with traditional sockets
  • Only use double insulation fabric cables (see Creative-Cables selection)
  • The first isolator/wall attachment must be positioned at a maximum distance of 5 cm from the socket, junction box or diverter. The others must be positioned at 80/100 cm intervals.

Small imperfections should not be considered manufacturing defects, but rather a characteristic of the product that speaks to its special handcrafted nature.


The black porcelain switch with butterfly nut is perfect to give that vintage touch to any exposed electrical installations. The butterfly nut is a unique product that really sets the whole system apart whilst giving it a fun retro look. This component is used to switch a single light on and off from multiple points, using the rotation of the nut.

So what do we mean by diverter?

The diverter is an electrical component used within a circuit to control the flow of electric current in one or more directions. Essentially, it allows you to select a specific power source and interrupt the current flow. Most commonly, it is used to control lighting in a room, like turning lamps on or off. The black porcelain diverter with butterfly nut is a charming option to replace the standard switch in an exposed electrical installation.

What is the difference between a diverter and a circuit breaker?

They're both electrical devices used to interrupt or control the current flow in an electrical circuit. They are, however, set apart by a few differences.

  • The switch is a unipolar device, which means it is designed to interrupt or allow the current flow in a single circuit. In other words, a switch can open or close only one electrical circuit. Switches are commonly used to turn lights, outlets, and other electrical devices on and off.
  • The diverter on the other hand is a multipolar device designed to direct the current flow in two or more circuits. The diverter is able to connect or disconnect two or more electrical circuits, making it possible to change the direction of the electricity. This means that it can be used to turn a single light on and off from multiple locations, using different buttons.

This product can be used both as a diverter and as a switch, based on what is needed in the electrical system.

Why choose a porcelain diverter?

Porcelain is an excellent material to use in electrical systems, thanks to its insulating and heat-resistant properties. Additionally, it can be easily moulded and decorated, which makes this diverter not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to include in your wall lighting installation.

What are the technical features of this porcelain diverter?

The black porcelain diverter with butterfly nut is ideal for turning a single light on and off from multiple points using different buttons. This provides you with greater control over the lighting without having to move from one side of the room to the other. Furthermore, thanks to its compatibility with vintage electrical systems, this diverter can also be used when restoring antique or historic homes.

Why choose he unique butterfly nut?

The butterfly nut is a design element, signed by Creative-Cables, that makes this switch unique. Also called a wing nut, it still helps to tighten furniture or electrical equipment components by hand today, and not only does it give a vintage look to the electrical system, but it is also extremely easy to use. The ergonomic shape allows you to turn the lights on and off with a simple twist. Additionally, we offer the butterfly nut in a wide range of colours, for a fully customised, high-quality component.

Black: the most elegant colour

The black porcelain diverter sets itself apart from others thanks to its refined colour, which adds a sophisticated touch to any room. Black is a versatile colour that easily matches different decor styles ranging from modern to vintage. Additionally, we offer it in the same wide range of colours in which you can find the butterfly nut, for a fully customised, high-quality component.

In summary, the black porcelain switch with butterfly nut is a functional and unique component perfect for a vintage electrical installation (especially when combined with twisted cables and porcelain junction boxes. The butterfly nut adds a dash of unique creativity while remaining simple and easy to use. Whether you're trying to restore the original look of a gorgeous antique home or want to add a retro vibe to your electrical system, the white porcelain switch with butterfly nut is the right choice for you.

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