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Create a unique atmosphere

Make every evening special with Lumet stringlights, perfect for adding a touch of magic to your pergola or gazebo. And when the evening is over, you can take them down in an instant. Thanks to their moisture resistance, they are not afraid of dew and are ready to shine again after every storm. Want to customize them? It's easy, choose the cables and accessories that best suit your style.

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Why choose LUMET



Easily configure Lumet according to your needs and based on the characteristics of the cable and socket.


Easy-to-install lighting

With the Lumet system, you can create an outdoor lighting that is easy to install and uninstall.


Moisture resistant

Thanks to the IP44 protection rating, you can install the Lumet System garlands in your outdoor spaces during the dampest evenings.

Complete kits Lighter

The ready-to-use Lumet garlands are ideal for illuminating outdoor environments such as gardens, terraces, and gazebos thanks to a simple system that is easy to install and uninstall. These complete solutions are available in various lengths and colors and include, in addition to the cables, all necessary accessories: socket, plug, and hook, available in white or black.

Create your custom light garland


Choose the shade that best suits your style from over 20 shades of cable with a rectangular section covered in fabric, and purchase as many meters as needed to light up your outdoor space.


Choose the number of sockets you need and customize them according to your preferences: do you prefer visible light bulbs or would you like to add a lampshade? Their installation will be very easy as no wiring is required!


Set up your Lumet system by adding the right accessories: a French-German plug to connect it directly to the power supply and a hook to position it wherever you want. However, if you want to extend your garland or combine two, you can do so with the appropriate junction box.


Once you have created your garland, all that's left is to complete it! Choose from our selection of E27 bulbs the ones that best match your style and add one or more of the 100 lampshades from our catalog wherever you like!

And if you don't know how to install it...

No problem thanks to "Illuminate me," the free service from Creative-Cables. Together, we will design the solution that best fits your needs and style, online or in-store.

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