SI! the first batteryless flashlight

Versatility, durability, and design are at the core of this innovative 5V lamp, powered by a simple USB-C cable.

YES! is a lamp focused on the future. Like all of our products, it's a modular design lamp, but even more sustainable and versatile. To create it, we were inspired by the concept Less is more, by removing everything that was not necessary, and we used a different technology than other lamps.

The result? The first portable lamp without a battery, that no longer uses 220V voltage but 5V, that is, the one from USB-C cables.

Why a portable lamp without a battery?

  1. You already have it! We are surrounded by devices with batteries that can be used to power the SI! using a simple USB-C cable. This allows for the use of existing batteries instead of buying new ones.
  2. Environmental impact. Battery production has a significant environmental impact, including mineral extraction, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Waste management. Used batteries must be responsibly managed, which can be difficult or costly depending on the type of battery and local regulations.
  4. Economy. Purchasing new batteries represents an additional cost.
  5. Longevity. Batteries have a limited lifespan, and by not having a battery on board, SI! does not suffer from the effects of time.

Why choose SI!


Less is more. We haven't added anything to the SI ! lamp that isn't essential. Not even a cable.


Designed for end-of-life cycle, its components can be easily disassembled and reused and/or recycled.


In your room, on the terrace, or during a picnic. You can take it wherever you want and use it in a thousand ways. Hung up, or even upside down.


With its clean and minimalist lines, it is available in several colors and with various extremely refined light bulbs.


An equally special lamp requires equally unusual light bulbs. Here is our selection of 5V vintage-style bulbs with modern technology.

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