A bank with a colorful spirit

A bank with a colorful spirit
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The Caixa Bank's Experience HUB 02 building in Barcelona recently underwent an interior restyling through a project that was not afraid to experiment with color and focused on reinterpreting spaces in a fluid and contemporary way.

For this project, Creative-Cables' contribution was fundamental in the choice of lighting fixtures, namely the bulbs, and for a series of custom-made components.

In the multi-level building entrance, an installation was created using a set of different heights with our custom 2XL cords in 5 colors: green, orange, purple, aqua green, and fuchsia.

Each color corresponds to a specific floor in the building.


With the cords were associated a series of Rose-One, our patented rosettes that allow for creating a multiple drop lighting reflecting 100% its own style and specific needs.

In this case as well, we custom-made some for the project, both in color (matching the cords) and in perforations.


Project: 314 BCN_Arquitectura & Design


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