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If you want to build a lamp with your own hands or repair a beloved lampshade that has seen better days, what you need are Creative-Cables lamp electrical components. These components, just like the ceiling roses or lamp holders, are essential for a quality lamp and should be chosen carefully to ensure a good, reliable, and safe product.

Plug and Electrical Socket

The plug and electrical socket are fundamental components for connecting and powering the lamp. The website offers various types of plugs, including Schuko, Europlug, and two-pin plugs. Additionally, there are outdoor sockets with IP44 protection rating, capable of withstanding splashes and sprays.

Switch and Dimmer

The switch is the component that allows you to turn the lamp on and off. There are different types of switches available, such as single-pole or double-pole switches, push-button switches, and switches in white, black, or colorful designs. All switches can be installed at various points along the lamp's electrical cord. On the other hand, the dimmer is the component that enables you to adjust the light intensity emitted by the lamp, allowing you to create either bright illumination or a cozy and atmospheric ambiance.

Power Strip and Extension Cord

Among the lamp electrical components, the power strip is an essential accessory to use when you need to connect multiple devices to a single socket. The extension cord, on the other hand, allows you to extend the length of the electrical cord. It's important to choose high-quality power strips and extension cords that comply with safety regulations. At Creative-Cables, you can find reliable products in various colors, perfect for matching any room.

Wago Connectors

Wago connectors are components that allow you to connect multiple electrical wires without the need for soldering. Available in different variants (2x or 3x, for ceiling roses with 1 to 15 holes), these connection terminals are the ideal choice for those who want a user-friendly and easy-to-install product.

Cable Assemblies

For lamps or floor lamps, Creative-Cables cable assemblies allow you to renovate and breathe new life into a lamp. Available in dozens of colors and with either round or braided cables, our cable assemblies all come with a plug and switch.

In conclusion, choosing the right lamp electrical components is crucial to ensure reliable and safe operation of the lamp. Opting for high-quality components that are compatible with each other is the key to a job well done. Have fun giving new life to your lamp or building your ideal lamp using our components. However, if you're not experienced in this field, we recommend seeking help from a professional to avoid mistakes and hazards. With the right electrical components, your homemade or repaired lamp will work perfectly for many years to come.

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