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Filé system

Filé is the lighting system from Creative-Cables designed to create wall or ceiling lighting with catenary cables. Thanks to the complete kits, you can decorate your walls or ceilings with an original lighting solution and create special zigzag shapes.

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Recreate the atmosphere of your favorite rooms with our "Shop the Look" section dedicated to lamps. Find inspiration and essential elements to light up your home with style.

EIVA: The IP65 outdoor lighting system

The EIVA lighting system is entirely designed, developed, and patented by Creative-Cables, allowing you to illuminate your outdoor spaces, garden, patio, or terrace with unique solutions.

You have a lot of ideas but
you don't know how to make them happen?

Light up your world: discover lighting installations.

Step into our bright world and discover how Creative Cables can transform your spaces with custom lighting installations. With a deep commitment to innovative design and energy efficiency, we are ready to put our lighting expertise to work for your lifestyle.

Imagine being able to customize the lighting in your home to suit your tastes and needs. With Creative Cables, everything is possible! We are here to make your lighting experience easy, fun, and personalized to meet your family's needs.

Customized Lighting

Immerse yourself in our lighting philosophy, where customization is the key to creating unique and inviting environments. We are committed to providing tailor-made solutions that exceed expectations, offering an extraordinary visual experience.

Wide selection of innovative products

Explore our wide range of cutting-edge products, from sophisticated LED systems to smart solutions that transform your home or workspace. Choose the technology that meets your needs, with a special focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Take care of your home and family with Creative Cables lighting. Contact us today and start brightening your life with a touch of warmth and unique style!

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