Creative Cables and Matter

The new frontier of the smart home.

Managing home lighting in a simple way through voice assistants or smart home apps has never been easier. Creative Cables lamps now integrate Matter, the new universal standard for smart home connectivity, and are the ideal choice for those who want a smart and connected home without the need to download any app. And of course, with products that are always completely customizable, also through the configurator.

Why choose a Creative Cables lamp integrated with Matter

Ease of use

Are you already in bed and don't feel like getting up to turn off the light in the living room? Or are you entering the house with your arms full of bags and packages and would like to turn on the light with a simple voice command? Starting today, you can easily manage turning on and off through any compatible voice assistant or smart home app.

Automation and customization

Turn on the lights with your morning alarm, or automatically turn them off when you leave home. Now you can, thanks to personalized automations that adapt your lamps to your daily needs, improving comfort and energy efficiency.

Integrated experience

Thanks to Matter, our lamps can interact with other smart devices, such as motion sensors or security cameras, to create automated lighting. For example, the lights can turn on automatically when your security system detects suspicious movement.

The benefits of a Matter smart lamp

Cross-platform operability

Check your lights using various smart home tools like Google Home, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Ease of configuration

Configuring Matter lamps is simple and intuitive. And you don't need to install any additional apps other than the ones you already have.

Upgradability and security

Cutting-edge protocols and regular updates, for lamps that continuously improve functionality and safety.

What is Matter?

Home automation for everyone

Matter is a connectivity standard developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). Launched with the support of technology giants, its purpose is to create a common language for smart devices, enabling them to communicate and work together, regardless of the manufacturer.

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