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One of the benefits of summer is the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, even when it gets dark. The right outdoor lights are therefore essential for enjoying a beautiful evening, eating with friends in the garden or chatting with family on the terrace.

What are the benefits of outdoor lighting?

Pendant lights for outdoors are useful for making various spaces functional at night, just as they are during the day. And just like indoor pendant lights, outdoor lights should not only be functional but also reflect your tastes and harmonize with the environment. That's why there are all kinds of them: colorful, modern, classic, minimal...

What level of protection should an outdoor chandelier have?

Whether you choose a pendant light, a string lights to hang on the patio, or any other type of garden light, remember that this type of lighting should be carefully evaluated, not only in terms of aesthetics and the right degree of brightness. The product you choose, in fact, even if it is covered by a pergola or a roof, will always be exposed to atmospheric agents. It will not be enough, therefore, to find a generic "waterproof" pendant light for outdoors, but the chandelier you will purchase must have a specific degree of protection, called "IP - Ingress Protection", which guarantees its solidity and reliability even when used outside.

The International Electrotechnical Commission has classified the degree of resistance and protection against the intrusion of external agents, liquids or solids, through numbers and letters, in order to safely choose the right lamp, which we have explained in detail in this article, but which can be summarized as follows:

  • the first digit indicated in the IP indicates the protection against foreign bodies: from 0 (unprotected) to 6 (completely dust and smoke tight)
  • the second digit indicates the protection against the entry of water and liquids: from 0 (unprotected) to 8 (protected against prolonged immersion in water)

Is there such a thing as smart outdoor lighting?

If you want to make your balcony or garden smart, you can do so with the EIVA suspension lamp, the outdoor lighting system with an IP65 protection rating. The Snake EIVA Wi-Fi is the portable outdoor lamp that you can conveniently control with an app or with your voice while playing outside with your dog or reading a book on your terrace. You can also put a Wi-Fi bulb on your outdoor lamp, turning it into a practical smart solution.

When and how to choose multiple outdoor pendant lights?

One of the greatest qualities of multiple outdoor pendant lights is their ability to illuminate large spaces with a single source of light. This means that with a single installation, you can illuminate an entire area, such as a patio, garden, or terrace. Multiple outdoor pendant lights are also available in different styles and finishes, making them suitable for any type of outdoor decor.

To make the best choice, it is necessary to consider different factors. First, it is important to consider the size of the area that you want to illuminate. A pendant light that is too big or too small for the space to be illuminated would not produce the desired effect, either not providing enough light or making the atmosphere uncomfortable and inhospitable. Second, it is important to consider the type and design of the outdoor furniture. Multiple outdoor pendant lights should integrate perfectly with the style, whether it's traditional or modern, romantic or minimalist. Choosing a product that fits your personal taste and your outdoor space is therefore important to create a welcoming outdoor environment to enjoy. Among other aspects to consider when choosing multiple outdoor pendant lights, there is also the one related to energy savings. Even for multi-light ceiling lamps, as well as for all other types of wall sconces and chandeliers, to combine maximum efficiency and greater savings, it is ideal to prefer LED bulbs. Beautiful for you and good for the environment: what could be better?

What style to prefer for outdoor lights?

In conclusion, multiple outdoor pendant lights are an excellent choice for creating a luminous atmosphere in your outdoor spaces. Choosing the right pendant light can be a bit complicated because you need to consider the size and type of the spaces to be illuminated, but also the style of the environment, so that it perfectly integrates with the furniture. With a little attention, however, and perhaps integrating the multiple pendant lights with other types of lighting (such as plug-in lamps or string lights), you can create a truly personalized and welcoming outdoor environment, to be enjoyed with family and friends throughout the beautiful season.

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